Day Hikes & Walks

The hiking trails that we have highlighted are our most popular guided day routes. These are limited to those on Table Mountain itself, finishing at the Upper Cable Station; or in other areas within easy driving distance of Cape Town. Table Mountain is by far the most commonly hiked area. The Table Mountain chain on the other hand, is usually defined as the whole of the Cape Peninsula stretching from the Upper Cable Station overlooking the City of Cape Town to Cape Point, in the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. The road distance is about 70 km and closer to 90 km via the most direct hiking paths. With over 250 km of hiking paths, there are many more options in the Table Mountain chain, than we are able to describe.

This is a small sample of the options available to regular hikers. These are not route descriptions, but a brief outline of what you may expect. If you are looking for something less strenuous or something more adventurous, contact us for alternatives.

Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve and the Cape Wine Regions, are the most commonly defined areas, each with their unique location and outlook.

When bookings are made, trails recommended take in account individual or group requirements, from the strenuous full day hikes to gentle strolls in nature.

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