Table Mountain

For our description of Table Mountain hikes we define the area surrounded by the City, Sea Point, Camps Bay, Hout Bay and the Southern Suburbs as defined in the definitive hiking maps produced by Slingsby Maps. The routes described are hiking paths from various points at the base of the Mountain, to the Upper Cable Station. It is also possible to take the cableway to the summit and explore the ‘flat’ Central and Western Table overlooking the City and Peninsula, as well as the immediately adjacent valleys.

This area is definitely not all flat, with many valleys, peaks, cliff faces, gullies and even hidden caves in the area behind the main ‘table’. The main paths are generally clear in good weather, but only marked at strategic points, with many subsidiary paths, lookout points and dead ends along the way. The weather can change quickly and the paths become confusing and when the clouds or mist comes down. In addition there are routes only known to Table Mountain regulars that can traverse ledges and rock bands that are extremely dangerous to the inexperienced hiker.

The routes covered below are our most popular guided routes to the Upper Cable Station. They are not route descriptions but an overview of what you can expect. Of course it is also possible to take the easier option of the Cableway to the top and walk around the top and the adjacent valleys.

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Classic routes to the Upper Cable Station