Multi-day Hiking Trails

South Africa is hiking country, with numerous multi-day, overnight trails. Many of these require full hiking gear, with backpacks and the necessity to carry your own food and equipment. The best known of these is probably the five day Otter Trail, but there are many weekend excursions. Over the last 15 to 20 years a different type of trail has emerged that we like to refer to as ‘Slackpacking’. These are trails that have a higher level of comfort and avoid having to carry a heavy backpack. The hiking is not always easy, although it can be – it on these trails that we focus:

The trails approved by Platteklip Tours & Trails, have:

  • No heavy backpack
  • Comfortable beds
  • Hot showers
  • Good food – some of the trails have catered and self-catered options
  • Cold drinks – some of the venues sell alcohol and at others it is bring your own
  • Qualified guides – a few of the trails offer self-guided options
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Platteklip Tours & Trails does not manage or operate any of the trails listed. Occasionally we are able to co-ordinate independent enquiries in to larger groups, to make it a worthwhile hiking group.