Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is the only completely fenced off area in the Table Mountain National Park, with the only access being through the pay point at the main gate. It is a 7750 hectare area, with numerous hiking paths and opportunities to enjoy the magnificent views and the pristine environment. While it is not the most southerly point of Africa or the official meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean (this is at Cape Augulus). it is widely regarded as the point where the warm Augulus Current that comes down the east coast, merges with the cold Benguela that comes up from the Southern Ocean and travels up the West Coast.

The best known hiking trail is probably the two day / one night, overnight, Cape Point Trail. This is a circular route that follows the cliff paths and peaks on the False Bay side of the Peninsula to the overnight huts at the old radar station on Da Gama Peak. The following day the route travels north west, down the Atlantic coast before the path turns inland past Sirkelsvlei and back to the gate. Some of the paths on this route can be used on day hikes, although there are sections restricted to overnight hikers only.

The most popular day hike is the cliff path from Cape Point to the entry gate, a 17km full day hike, but there are the various circular routes around Buffelsbaai (Buffalo Bay) on the False Bay Coast and Gifkommetjie and the Shipwreck Trails on the Atlantic coast.