Table Mountain & Kirstenbosch Gardens

This tour is focused on the natural environment and the botanical importance of the region. It usually requires an early start, particularly in high season, to avoid long queues to the Cableway. Walking up is an option, but being a steep 2 hour trek, is not for everyone. Once at the top, we take a 45 minute walk along the ‘flat’ Western and Central Tables, to the highest point 1084 metres) at Maclears Beacon and then back via the adjacent valley. Alternatively we stroll around the immediate vicinity of the Upper Cable Station, enjoying the views of the city to the north and the Table Mountain chain and Cape Peninsula to the south.

On descent we take a short drive to the view point at Signal Hill, with views of the Atlantic coast and the city, before heading out towards the Southern Suburbs and the world famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. These gardens encapsulate the essence of the Cape Floristic Region (Cape Floral Kingdom) in one place, as well as featuring some of the important plant life from other parts of Southern Africa. It is a place that you can spend anything from a few hours to a full day, depending on time available. Visit the ‘Boomslang’ Tree Canopy Walk Way and stroll up to the protea and erica featured gardens or just admire the ‘fynbos’**, the views and the ambiance.


**Fynbos is a generic term for the flora occurring within the Cape Floristic Region in what is termed the Fynbos Biome. Literally is means ‘fine-bush’ and is used as most of the important plant species are fine leafed, with very few trees and heavy stemmed bushes. It is defined by proteas, ericas (heath) and restios but there are many other featured plants within the biome.